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speaking opportunitiesPatrick Goodness is one of the most recognized names in the global healthcare and medical marketing industry. Healthcare organizations from around the world rely on Patrick for insightful marketing consultation and marketing planning services. Patrick’s no-nonsense approach to marketing has helped hospitals, medical centers, medical practices, dental offices and medical organizations around the world transform their brand and dramatically increase sales and profitability.

Speaking Opportunities

If you’ve ever attended one of Patrick’s lectures, you understand why he is one of the leading speakers in the healthcare marketing industry. Patrick approaches his lectures with the same passion and desire for understanding that he brings to his daily work in marketing and public relations. Speaking is about communication…about finding a common connection with an audience of strangers. Utilizing his natural humor, and his keen understanding of people and what motivates them to action, Patrick educates and informs while keeping everyone entertained and smiling.

Patrick is available for conferences and congresses to speak on the following topics:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Communications

Speaking is about communication…

about finding a common connection with an audience of strangers.

Are you looking for a high-energy, dynamic speaker for your next conference, seminar or workshop?

Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company, offers lectures, marketing seminars and training workshops at healthcare conferences and medical tourism congresses around the world.

Over the past 10 years, Patrick has spoken at venues on almost every continent to tens of thousands of doctors and healthcare executives. His fun and informative presentation style keeps people interested and entertained…and always wanting more.

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  • Conference Lectures
  • Training Workshops
  • Marketing Seminars

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medical tourism association

We received incredibly positive feedback from all attendees who left Patrick’s workshop inspired and excited to develop successful marketing and social media strategies with their companies…

Cristina Cardona, Global Congress ManagerMedical Tourism Association

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