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story-tellingWe are a communications agency built on the magic of story-telling. Each of our clients has a story to tell. Our job is to help our clients tell their story, making personal connections in an impersonal world… helping our clients reach new customers around the corner or around the world, utilizing the latest technology and tools within our reach. Quite simply, The Goodness Company is a full service agency with a reputation for getting results.

Our clients represent the next generation of business leaders. They believe in taking risks, making bold statements, and carving out their niche in a cluttered marketplace. Our clients are proactively establishing their brand, growing market share and dramatically increasing profits.



Branding is the relationship you have with your customers. Branding is how your customers feel and react when they see your company name, your logo, website or advertising. Strong branding causes people to think and feel deeply…

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web design

Web Development

Nearly three quarters (75%) of all Americans are now online, spending an average of 12.5 hours per week on the internet, and more than $140 Billion per year! A quality, well designed company web site is no longer a luxury, but a necessity…

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video marketing

Video Marketing

Successful video marketing is more than just the development of powerful videos. It’s about targeted online distribution through the top video sharing networks that have the ability to drive significant traffic to your web site…

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social media

Social Media

In a survey conducted by, 91% of all businesses are attempting to use social media to promote themselves and their businesses. those surveyed, 85% are satisfied that social media has helped create BUZZ for their business…

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print design

Print and Advertising

Before most of your clients ever see your face or hear your voice, they will likely come into contact with your logo, brochures, sales materials and print advertisements.

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enviromental design

Environmental Design

Even in today’s digital age, trade shows still represent a significant face to face opportunity to enhance brand and product visibility, promote products & services, generate leads and drive sales.

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public relations

Public Relations

Every business has a story to tell. The goal of public relations is to tell your story in a way that helps people remember and feel a connection to your business. It’s about connecting with people and helping them find a reason to care.

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niche marketing

Niche Marketing

Unless you have a limitless budget, it’s simply not possible to reach every potential customer with your marketing message. We offer specialized niche marketing services, helping our clients reach key customers with a targeted message that drives response and results.

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