The Psychology of Internet Search Intent: Converting Users When It Matters

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To succeed in today’s search-focused market, it’s critical to understand the searchers’ priorities and state of mind during the search process. By understanding user intent, Google is able to serve its users by supplying what they want as quickly and effortlessly as possible. By understanding the user, you can better optimize your search ranking algorithm and effectively target what the user really wants.

Is SEO a Scam or an Important Key to Online Success?

Are you being approached by “SEO experts” claiming to be able to improve your search engine rankings? Do you get email from people claiming they can optimize your website to rank higher on Google? How many emails have you received in the past week alone from vendors claiming that they alone hold the key to..

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Website Speed Optimization

Don’t Keep Them Waiting: Why Website Speed Optimization Matters 1. Do you know what people really hate? Waiting. Four seconds is all that it takes for 25% of people to click away feeling that your site isn’t loading fast enough. That’s market share that you can’t afford to lose. And they don’t grow impatient using..

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Three Considerations for Creating Valuable Website Content

In today’s world, every successful company should have a website. In order to be effective, each website must be coherent, engaging and user-friendly. But when technical consultants offer advice about designing a website, they often discuss ‘design’ or ‘technical’ issues, such as what theme to use, ensuring link functionality, logo, photo and video placement etc…

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How to Write Website Content to Achieve SEO Success

Developing quality SEO content will help your organization achieve increased online visibility for your website or web page, by making your site more attractive to users and to search engines. Online content marketing should attract and engage an audience by sharing valuable information and helping them come to know you, like you and trust you…

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The Goal of SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

The goal of search engine optimization or “SEO” is to get increased visibility for your website by achieving higher search engine rankings. In essence, since the top listings receive the highest amount of online views, it is valuable to have your company at the top of search engine rankings. Online content marketing techniques create content..

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