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Content Marketing: Five Tips to Make Your Boring Business…More Interesting.

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For successful content development, you must know your customer needs and understand their language. Create content that speaks clearly to their individual needs and goals. When you create content that speaks to your target market clearly and with purpose, you will engage them, earn their trust…and eventually earn their business

Effective E-mails: Avoiding the Spam Folder

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An experienced dental marketing firm can help you get the most from your email list.

How Can You Increase Your Email Click Through Rate by 200%-300%?

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Adding a video to your email messages will help you increase click-through rate by 200% to 300%.

How to Reduce Costs, Increase Marketing & Boost Profits for Your Dental Practice

Many established and new dental clinics alike suffer from crippling overhead costs that reduce profits, decrease competitiveness, and generate unneeded anxiety. According to which used data from the ADA and Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median overhead for general dental practices was 75%. Most practices have had months when overhead reached an uncomfortable level…

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Is SEO a Scam or an Important Key to Online Success?

Are you being approached by “SEO experts” claiming to be able to improve your search engine rankings? Do you get email from people claiming they can optimize your website to rank higher on Google? How many emails have you received in the past week alone from vendors claiming that they alone hold the key to..

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How to Reach Chinese Consumers: Goodbye Email…Hello WeChat

If your business relies on reaching the Chinese market or if you are planning to develop a new business to that targets China, it’s important to recognize that the Chinese don’t think or respond to the media or even the same marketing concepts as most North Americans. Most neophytes to reaching the Chinese market start..

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Website Speed Optimization

Don’t Keep Them Waiting: Why Website Speed Optimization Matters 1. Do you know what people really hate? Waiting. Four seconds is all that it takes for 25% of people to click away feeling that your site isn’t loading fast enough. That’s market share that you can’t afford to lose. And they don’t grow impatient using..

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Top 10 Medical Tourism Trends That Will Shape the Global Healthcare Landscape

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The world as we know it is becoming smaller by the minute. Remember back in the 1960’s and 70’s…when almost every American garage housed a Ford, Chrysler or Chevrolet? Now the American garage is filled with international brands like Toyota, Hyundai and Kia. Remember when Zenith was the brand of choice among American TV owners? Today, global..

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Patient Lead Follow Up: The Need for Speed

How long does it take you to typically respond to a patient inquiry? 24 Hours? One hour? Thirty minutes? If your average reply time is more than 5 minutes, I have bad news for you. You’ve already lost a potential patient. The lead is cold. According to a study conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd of..

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Healthcare: The Bankrupting of America: Is Medical Tourism the Solution?

According to research produced at Harvard University, “62 percent of U.S bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.” Sadly for many Americans, that percentage is growing steadily. As U.S medical and dental-related expenses continue to skyrocket, millions of Americans have begun to search for high-quality, affordable and surprisingly popular medical and dental care providers around the..

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