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The Psychology of Internet Search Intent: Converting Users When It Matters

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To succeed in today’s search-focused market, it’s critical to understand the searchers’ priorities and state of mind during the search process. By understanding user intent, Google is able to serve its users by supplying what they want as quickly and effortlessly as possible. By understanding the user, you can better optimize your search ranking algorithm and effectively target what the user really wants.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

Most law firms have Facebook pages, but they are rarely used, almost never populated with valuable content and have so few followers that it doesn’t warrant the investment of time to keep up with maintaining it. Facebook has the power to grow your law practice, but it requires dedication, innovation, investment and patience.

Content Marketing: The #1 Trend for Law Firm Marketing in 2017

Content marketing, the art of attracting “followers” and new clients through the creation of interesting, informative, and engaging online material —has become the gold standard for practice building these days.

Video Marketing: The Future of Marketing Your Dental Clinic Online

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Videos are quickly becoming an effective means of creating positive online publicity for your dental practice. In fact, Cisco has predicted that videos will comprise 80% of all internet traffic by 2015. If your dental clinic hasn’t stepped into the digital age, now is the time.

How to Earn Patient Loyalty

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While patients choose your clinic to solve a problem, what they are really buying is a personal relationship with you. When your practice becomes truly patient-focused, the rewards of patient loyalty will multiply.

How to Attract Millennials to Your Dental Practice

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Success in attracting Millennial patients will depend on your ability to adapt your practice to meeting the needs of this affluent and well-educated generation.

What to Look For When Hiring a Web Development Company

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Website development firms range from garage-based businesses run by teenagers, to Madison Avenue advertising agencies and everyone in between. How do you know if a website development company is right for you?

Dental Marketing: How to Close More Patient Phone Calls

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How many times do you receive phone calls from prospective patients…and the patient decides not to schedule an appointment? According to industry surveys, 65% of people decide not to book a procedure with the first practice they call because of a poor customer experience.

8 Steps to Close More Patient Leads

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Here are a few tips to help you increase your ability communicate better with prospective patients and close more new patient leads.

Hiring Mistakes and Implementing Smart Hiring Practices

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Good hiring starts with clear expectations, honest communications and thorough research.