How to Earn Patient Loyalty

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While patients choose your clinic to solve a problem, what they are really buying is a personal relationship with you. When your practice becomes truly patient-focused, the rewards of patient loyalty will multiply.

Dental Marketing: How to Close More Patient Phone Calls

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How many times do you receive phone calls from prospective patients…and the patient decides not to schedule an appointment? According to industry surveys, 65% of people decide not to book a procedure with the first practice they call because of a poor customer experience.

8 Steps to Close More Patient Leads

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Here are a few tips to help you increase your ability communicate better with prospective patients and close more new patient leads.

Patient Lead Follow Up: The Need for Speed

How long does it take you to typically respond to a patient inquiry? 24 Hours? One hour? Thirty minutes? If your average reply time is more than 5 minutes, I have bad news for you. You’ve already lost a potential patient. The lead is cold. According to a study conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd of..

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