The Psychology of Internet Search Intent: Converting Users When It Matters

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To succeed in today’s search-focused market, it’s critical to understand the searchers’ priorities and state of mind during the search process. By understanding user intent, Google is able to serve its users by supplying what they want as quickly and effortlessly as possible. By understanding the user, you can better optimize your search ranking algorithm and effectively target what the user really wants.

Content Marketing: The #1 Trend for Law Firm Marketing in 2017

Content marketing, the art of attracting “followers” and new clients through the creation of interesting, informative, and engaging online material —has become the gold standard for practice building these days.

Content Marketing: Five Tips to Make Your Boring Business…More Interesting.

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For successful content development, you must know your customer needs and understand their language. Create content that speaks clearly to their individual needs and goals. When you create content that speaks to your target market clearly and with purpose, you will engage them, earn their trust…and eventually earn their business